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In this Puzzle game you need to use cards to change movements of pawns. Only impact one pawn at a time in the course of their lifes. Cells (pawns) can merge together to mutate and change their abilities (like being able to move frontward and backward or being able to push another cell). For each puzzle you need to get the correct amount of certain type of cells.

This game was made in a week just by me.


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multivac-inc-windows.zip 126 MB
Version 9


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Hello, I'm wondering if it's a bug to launch after the first 5 sequences have finished which continues where it ended. I know it may be a dumb question but I need to know because I cant solve levels 4 and 5.

It's not a bug but an intentional feature. YOu can play multiple sequences. I have not well explained it in the game. I still got lot of work to do on tutorials

Ok, thank you for your hard work :)


I already know from the thumbnails its a good game, and I'm surprised that it was only made by you!

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Yhea it was made in one week for a game jam all by myself (except for the music (but sound effects are made by me, a glass and some toys lol)).

I have an idea, cant you make a youtube channel? you look like someone I would watch! and ur channel can promote your game

i start a youtube chanel it's a french one but i think of pivoting it to english. It's a lot of work but i will warn you if i luanch it


and, is this game for vr?

no it's not for VR at all

then why doesnt it let me play and opens steamvr?

good question. It's not the case here and i have also see a lot of player play it correctly.